New semester in school has begun and lots of new changes have occured! Our working language has now changed to English and five new members have joined our team: Professionals Jussi Bergman and Jari Saarinen, as well as three exchange students.

Jussi Bergman

Teacher-cum-entrepreneur Jussi’s interests grew from music to neuroscience, and have now shifted to artificial intelligence. The 10-year business owner’s strengths and passions lie in diverse areas, including software, domestic & international finance, as well as human neural information processing. He holds several different patents for technological inventions.

Jari Saarinen

Having taught automation and robotics for 13 years, Jari also previously worked as a mechanical/electrical installer at SisuDiesel of Tampere. Jari´s interests lie in assembly and pick-and-place technology.

From Spain, we received two exchange students.

21 year old Jose Ignacio Valero Cerdá from Valencia, Spain is studying Electronics and Automation Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is in his fourth and final year of study, and stated ”I expect Robotics Academy to exponentially improve all my skills related to Robotics and Programming.”

Jaime Abril Sarvisé, from Teruel, Spain, is also studying Electronics and Automation Engineering. He attends the University of Zaragoza and is in his third year. ”This year in Pori … I expect to work in many different projects related to automation and robotics, so I can learn a lot of different things. I think that the Robotics Academy is a good … and completely different way to learn, so I hope I’ll be able to adapt.”

Also, we received one exchange student from Belgium.

Maxime Grégoire is completing a Bachelor’s degree in electromechanical engineering. ”This is my last semester and I expect so many things! I came to Finland and SAMK for the technology and educational system. It’s completely different from Belgium. I get to learn a different culture and how to handle different situations, like independent group work for Robotics Academy.”