The companies of Satakunta, now and in the future, need more graduating manufacturing, electrical, automation, robotics, mechanical and doctorate engineers.In these fields, there are currently hundreds of job openings.The key challenge for companies in tech is to find experts in their respective fields, which is currently the most significant limiting factor in the county.

Robotics Academy is a new way of studying engineering. Instead of traditional studies, students learn by participating in a variety of robotics, automation and ITC projects in cooperation with regional businesses. The overall aim is to prepare students directly for the needs of working life.

The need for education has become a primary concern in everyday business. The students of Robotics Academy also participate in various school events as well as acting as a channel of communication between SAMK affiliates.

The complete skill set each student obtains during their time in Robotics Academy is determined by the individual’s exsisting skills. This in turn, affects the official degree awarded.