For Businesses

Robotics Academy strengthens the area’s robotics and automation knowledge and research. The Academy is being developed into an internationally-known training and reaearch environment, which both cutting edge national and global businesses can use to their advantage.

Robotics Academy consists of 20 students from different degree areas. Each student was individually chosen to work with this elite team of six named teachers, but also work regularly with other Sataunta University of Applied Sciences staff.

The application and selection process took into account the needs and demands of the workforce, as student work on actual issues confronting the businesses submitting the projects. The projects allow the team to use different robotics and automation knowledge to offer solutions and offer ideas for improvements.

If you have a project in need of manpower, you can find an enthusiastic and reliable team at Robotics Academy. We empower young entrepreneurship and at the same time offer you the opportunity to work with the virtuosos of the future.